Getting married is pretty overwhelming and there are often many questions.  

Hopefully I have put together a list of a few questions that can help with at least the photography part of all the arrangements so please feel free to take a look below.  Despite many of these relating to the services and packages that I offer there are some great bits of information which will offer you guidance regardless of who you are trusting to photography your wedding day or special event.  

Enjoy and if there is anything else you might like to know or I've missed something out - get in touch and I'd love to help!



1)  We'd like to build our own photography package around things we've seen we like or know we want, is this ok?

Of course! Our collections are put together to offer you guidance in a time when it's really nice to have some. We can therefore look at different elements from each or an entirely new idea built solely around you and your requirements for photography.

2)  Will we have to pay a deposit?

Yes. In order to confirm the booking and to hold the date as exclusively yours (we take no other bookings on that day), we require a deposit of a third of the balance on booking. The remainder of the balance will be due within a fortnight, post wedding.

3)  What is your style like? What happens if we don't like it?

We think our style is relaxed and focuses on you and your story as a couple and a family. We try to tell that story through the photographs you receive. Examples of our work can be seen across this site and on our Facebook page and we will make sure we show you further examples in our portfolio should you wish to meet to discuss your photography needs. If you are not a fan, we are more than happy to suggest someone else that might be more suitable for you.

4)  Do you have a second shooter?

Yes I work with a lovely second shooter and we've been working together for the past five years almost! She also does weddings herself which I often assist her on so we make a fab team!

5)  There is downtime at our wedding, is this something I will be charged for?

Yes it is. During this down time we might well be off shooting other details, reviewing the images or resting our feet for ten minutes or looking for other elements of your day to add to your collection of photographs.

6)  What is the minimum time I can book you for?

During the week we are able to me more flexible and accommodate morning or later afternoon bookings in just two hour slots. On a weekend, a minimum of 5 hours must be booked.

7)  What happens if we decide we'd like you to stay longer on the day?

Absolutely no problem! Just talk to us and we can work it all out.

8)  Will we get to meet you before our wedding day?

Definitely! We like to meet twice before the day, just to get to know you and to ensure we have all the details that we need and we request that if possible, at least one of these meetings is at your chosen venue.


1)  Do you hand edit or 're touch' every single one of our photos?

Every single photo gets looked at and has a basic edit, then your final chosen photographs are expertly hand finished removing blemishes, unsightly fire alarms in the background and ensuring they are at optimal quality for you to share and print.

2)  Can we have RAW files or unedited digital negatives from the wedding day?

I'm afraid not. We are proud of our images and offer a complete service, the editing is an important part of that. It would be like going in to a shop and buying the fabric for the T-shirt but not the actual T-shirt. Therefore all of our photographs are provided as final, edited digital files or prints.

3)  What size can we print our photographs once you have provided them as digital files?

You should be able to print your photographs up to about 11x14". If you are planning on printing something larger than this, please speak to us and we can talk about providing you with larger digital copies.

4)  How many images can i expect to receive?

This depends really on how long we are at your'e wedding but generally you can expect to receive at least 250 photographs  from your day.  There are no limits on how many you receive so this is just an indication but don't worry, it will be plenty to tell your story!


1)  How long can we expect to wait before receiving our final photographs or products?

This depends on the products and how long before feedback is received, but on average, about 8 weeks.

2)  Can we see some images immediately?

We know how exciting it is so therefore aim to share a couple of edited photographs with you via email within the first few days after you're wedding. It's a lovely thing to be able to do before you head off on honeymoon or for you to share with friends while the adventure is still fresh!