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June 05, 2019
By Borrowed Light
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Let's be honest here - I don't shoot 50 odd weddings a year and spend every weekend at various venues with lots of different couples.

Alongside Borrowed Light, I run a commercial photography business so spend the majority of my time working on that and my own practice, or at least trying to! What I've realised from not solely concentrating on weddings is the appreciation I have of them when I am working alongside a couple to capture their special day. I've mentioned before how much of a privilege it is to be there and I genuinely and wholeheartedly feel this. I'm invited to an experience that is second to none, which brings together friends and families and all on a day of great excitement and apprehension. Each and every wedding I photograph is special to me, I get to know the couple and the venue I am working with and we have a blast - capturing memories and telling their story.


So despite not being able to post something here every few weeks with another wedding, the ones that are here are incredible experiences and I feel very lucky to be a part of.  Fingers crossed you can see that in the photographs and despite my appaling record for actually updating my portfolio here, you can enjoy the images you see and I can share with you.  And here is my promise to try and be a little better at actually showing you some new celebrations!



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